To realize the potentials of learners and prepare them to meet the challenges.

To equip the children with the knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields.

To develop a reservoir of talents with right knowledge and skills.


National Commission for Protection of Child Rights

I am directed to enclose a copy of the reference cited and to request you to issue necessary directions to schools as recommended by the national commission for protection of child rights on implementation of section 29 RTE Act 2009 and to ensure the following

  • If a school is found to follow/ prescribe curriculum (syllabus, textbooks) and evaluation procedure in elementary classes other than the one prescribed by the academic authority, ie, SCERT for the State Board, prima facie it shall be treated as violation of RTE Act, 2009
  • No child shall be discriminated and or harassed / or neglected by the school for carrying books published/prescribed by the academic authority (NCERT/SCERT) causing 'mental or physical suffering'. Any action taken against the child and hence, may attract the provisions of juvenile justice Act, 2015.
  • Such directions issued by the State shall be displayed on their department website.
  • Also, the Schools be directed to display the directions on schools' website and notice board. A copy of directions be circulated and disseminated by the schools among parents for information.
  • An action taken report may be sent to Goverment at the earliest, so as to send the compliance report to commission.

Our Facilities

A school is defined by education it provides and the facilities it offers.

alameen lab facility
alameen transport facility
alameen library facility

Curriculum Overview

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Alameen Curriculum overview

Multiple Intelligence Mode

Our curriculum is based on the key factor of multiple intelligence mode. Our school follows the curriculum which is flexible, relevant and meaningful to the children.

Strategy Mode

To operate efficiently and effectively in the ever-changing environment to attain excellence with the help of the enriching and balanced curriculum.

Creativity Mode

Right brain oriented curriculum is an eclectic method of approach in which both the curricular and co-curricular activities are selected.